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Triggering Animated Crowd Layers?

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Hi All,

I was watching the Master Class on crowds for Houdini 15.5.
There is an example file that shows how to add a hammer to an agents hand.
I want to be able to add animated geometry to my agents and trigger the animation only when the agent enters a certain state.

Here is an my simple attempt at animating the hammer spinning. Initially it works, but all animations are synchronized.


Is there any way to trigger an animated layer?

Specific case would be a dragon breath. What if I have a few dragons as agents and when they land I want a fire breath pyro simulation to occur.


I am not sure of this is possible with the current crowd system but I thought I'd ask?


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I personally did not get this working and I believe I was given the answer of "no this can't be done at this time" from the SideFX help .

But I have not looked into the new features for Crowd in Houdini 16.5.

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Closest I was able to do (that was related to this) was to modify the agent transforms in a wrangle. But it might not work if what you want are animated vertices.

Maybe have a look at the agentcliptimes() function? I'll try and do a test later if I have time.

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