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Crash on launch after upgrading BIOS

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My system

Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS
Release:    16.04
Codename:    xenial

Nvidia driver 378.13

I upgraded from Houdini 16.0.597 to 16.0.600 but I also upgraded my BIOS to a more recent version so I am thinking likely a BIOS setting??

I see the splash screen then a fatal error crash message.

I've submitted a crash report to SESI but thought I'd post here to get feedback.

I also tried using a more recent Nvidia driver 381.22 but downgraded when it didn't make any difference.

And also reinstalled the older 16.0.597 Houdini build but no difference. It won't even launch to the splash screen.

At least with 16.0.600 I see the splash screen before a crash:)

Any feedback appreciated!






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Yes BIOS. I get CSM and Secure boot confused. I needed to disable Secure boot .

But now 16.0.597 launches and 16.0.600 does  not, no splash screen:( Anyone know if latest 16.0.600 is supposed to be compatible with Ubuntu 16.04?

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