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Found 17 results

  1. Apologies for cross-posting, but this is driving me nuts and I can't believe I cannot find any information regarding this online. I'm getting lots of "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'viewerstate'" type errors on Ubuntu. Full details at https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/79385/?page=1#post-341733 but TLDR version is: I installed houdini (18.532, on Ubuntu 18.04) and licensed (Indie) exactly following instructions at https://www.sidefx.com/faq/question/install-linux/ and then this doesn't work: cd /opt/hfs18.5 source houdini_setup => The Houdini 18.5.532 environment has been initialized. hscript => gives all of the errors in the linked thread but this does work: sudo /opt/hfs18.5/bin/hscript and so does this: sudo su cd /opt/hfs18.5 source houdini_setup => The Houdini 18.5.532 environment has been initialized. hscript => works Is this normal behaviour? Can I not run houdini without root privileges? If I source houdini_setup in my .profile, then none of that env gets carried on over to my sudo, so I'd need to source it as root.
  2. I have been working with Ubuntu 18 and no issues. I did a clean install with these partitions on my 1TB NVME2 m.2. I want to make my 1TB nvme my Ubuntu partition. When i did the clean install with these partitions i ran into some issues. not sure if it a hardware issue or what. When i got to the desktop the first time without needing a PW or having to log in no issues just that the app/software store was saying snap was missing when i tried to click install for things like VLC OBS or visual studio. i did a reboot and this time it would require a PW. when i enter my PW correctly, it take me back to the screen where i need to click on the user and enter PW again. i did this 10-15 times and no luck. never ran into this with Ubuntu 18. not sure what the problem is. maybe you can advise if my partitions are off, if i need to create them in gpart or if i should leave it up to the installer to make the partitions. Maybe i only create the swap and thats the only one then install. or maybe i only have root on the NVME and the rest on a HDD like swap and /tmp to make the nvme last longer since it will contain my houdini files for fast read and write speeds. what do you advise and how can i fix the problem? /root 30GB physical ex4 Swap 64GB logical /root/var 30GB logical ex4 /boot 2048 MB logical ex4 /tmp 64GB logical ex4 /home rest of the space think 820GB logical ex4 system: 128GB ddr4 3000 ryzen 1980x 3.6ghz kraken x62 liquid cooling x2 Nvidia GTX 1080 TI hybrid 1000 Watt PSU x1 nvme2 1TB x1 NVME2 500GB (windows Primary) x1 HDD 500 GB (windows Secondary) x2 HDD 4TB (External storage)
  3. What is the proper way to install the latest Nvidia drivers and CUDA stuff in Ubuntu? I'm currently running Ubuntu 16.04 with GTX 970. I installed 430 version using PPA but the Houdini keep crashing on startup. Then I downloaded the latest NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-430.40.run from Nvidia site and ran but the computer started having black screen after that. Now I purged the the drivers and rollbacked to 384. I need the latest nvidia drivers because I wanted to test the arnold GPU rendering. i would greatly appreciate any help.
  4. Hello everyone, My Houdini crashes when I launch a Flipbook. No idea what is happening... I have a dual boot machine. On the other Disk I have windows, and Flipbook is fine there. My OS: Ubuntu 18.0.4 LTS. My Houdini version: 17.5.295.
  5. Hello friends, I am trying to export from a mplay using ffmpeg. However, I keep getting this error (shown in photo). Any idea how to fix this? I am using Ubuntu 18.04 Thanks, ER
  6. Hi everyone, I've been thinking about migrating Houdini from Win10 to Linux for a long time (because in some sense I think is more of its natural environment and of course because of performance reasons) and I think I'll finally do it next days. I'm also learning Resolve / Fusion and Renderman, so the safe bet seems to be CentOS 7, as it's directly supported by these three sets of applications. BUT i have read terror stories about CentOS regarding nvidia/amd drivers installation hell, old software, not so user-friendly as Mint, bad desktop experiencie because it is server oriented, etc. I have to say I had Linux on my main machine for a couple of years a decade ago I finally removed it because I really didn't enjoy losing time fixing things after each update (I'm not implying is always like that or anymore, lots of years have passed since then). Also, I think is worth saying this machine is meant to be used only for 3D. What do you think? Any of you working with Houdini on CentOS? Thanks!
  7. What's the latest Houdini + RS versions people are successfully running? For me it's Hindie 16.5.439 + RS 2.6.12 (built for Hindie 16.5.268). Any more recent production or daily build of Hindie doesn't launch on my setup (Ubuntu 18.04 + Nvidia TitanV GPU) and any more recent RS version simply won't render. Get strange results in RS Renderview especially.
  8. If anyone has issues after manually installing the Nvidia driver on Linux, the solution (at least for me) is to run the installer again but follow with a -uninstall command and then use Software&Updates to reinstall the proper driver.
  9. Having a heck of a time simply trying to install PG Bokeh for Nuke 11 NC on my Ubuntu setup. My understanding is you need to alter the environment variables for Nuke? Feedback direct from peregrine said I should edit my .bashrc file So, I added the following line to my bash.bashrc file in /etc/ And copied the downloaded PG Boken blugin folder to the plugins folder inside the above Nuke directory What is the difference between bash.bashrc and the hidden .bashrc in my home directory? If I try and edit the latter I get an error 'editing files in a writable directory is not permitted' Still no luck Can anyone help? Wouldn't it be easier to make the plugin an actual installer?
  10. Thought I'd post here as I don't seem to have much luck on the foundry's 'new' forums. Post a couple times this past year and not a single answer! Trying to simply install a demo version of PG Bokeh to Nuke 11 NC on a Linux (Ubuntu) system. Conflicting information. First tried simply copying to home directory,keeping original directory name and renaming to simply 'pgBokeh' /home/jim/Nuke11.0v2/plugins/pgBokeh Then in my node graph tabbed and enterer selected 'Update' then return No Bokeh or PG Bokeh is available! Further googling came across this page on the Foundry's website https://www.thefoundry.co.uk/products/nuke/developers/110/ndkdevguide/intro/pluginbuildinginstallation.html#intro-building which suggest I should have a directory as follows /usr/local/NUKE/x.x/plugins/ Sorry, there is NO directory labelled /NUKE/x.x/plugins/ in my setup. Can anyone help?
  11. Hi Can anyone tell me how to add an external drive as a favorite? This is any drive under /media/<username>/
  12. My system Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS Release: 16.04 Codename: xenial Nvidia driver 378.13 I upgraded from Houdini 16.0.597 to 16.0.600 but I also upgraded my BIOS to a more recent version so I am thinking likely a BIOS setting?? I see the splash screen then a fatal error crash message. I've submitted a crash report to SESI but thought I'd post here to get feedback. I also tried using a more recent Nvidia driver 381.22 but downgraded when it didn't make any difference. And also reinstalled the older 16.0.597 Houdini build but no difference. It won't even launch to the splash screen. At least with 16.0.600 I see the splash screen before a crash:) Any feedback appreciated!
  13. hey all, Ubuntu newbie here, I keep getting this error when i launch H16 with Ubuntu 16.04. (please see attached pic) Coincidentally when i try to render anything or do a flipbook (of even just a sphere) the screen fades to super dark, not all the way black for a few minutes then resumes the session with no render, or flipbook. I can play in the viewport just fine, and i can render with the IPR but the above does not work. Also I have no clue how to setup my save files on Ubuntu, i have a second HDD for houdini stuff specifically and I have no idea how to navigate to it for saves. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  14. Running ubuntu 16.04LTS with Mate desktop. Wondering if I should upgrade to yakkety-yak(16.1)? On this page it states that Ubuntu 16.10 comes with the latest Linux kernel, 4.8....The kernel has gained support for mode-setting on new NVIDIA Pascal cards using the Nouveau driver. Plus AMD GPU owners can now overclock using the free AMDGPU driver. http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/reasons-ubuntu-16-10-yakkety-yak-worth-look/ But if I am running latest Nvidia drivers, and a nVidia TitanXP GPU, would there be any advantage?
  15. Hi Not sure if my problem is Linux wide or just to my particular flavor. New ubuntu-mate install. I've lost all my scene mouse button controls. ie option or alt LEFT-MOUSE should tumble in Scene view, instead it pans my entire IDE window. option or alt RIGHT-MOUSE should zoom my scene, instead it resizes my entire IDE window. Is this a correction from within Houdini, or do I have to dig thru to find how mouse buttons are defined in my desktop?
  16. Hello guys! I need your help, I install Ubuntu on mac, then install video drivers (all works fine) After this I install Houdini 15, but after I create billowy smoke from shelf I got this error (in attach) I try create pop network (same problem) Other stuff work well. Anyone can help me with this? Tnx forward guys!
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