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Min suitable hardware for particle beginner

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As aspirant Houdini beginner with some sparse experience on 3D I'm interested only on particles.

Currently experimenting with game engines, I did find them lacking features but with the invaluable advantage of artistic freadomness and easier learning due to instant feedback.

Reading here and there I understood Houdini need really powerful hw and a lot of RAM, want to know from you experts if this is valid also limiting my activity only to particles, and maybe later something on PhyroFX.

My goal is to have a responsive viewport at design time, I know rendering will be always slow.

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Ashamed to say reading here so many pro, I'm using an old PC with i7-860, 14GB RAM, HD7950Boost, SSD.

My next planned upgrade does have Ryzen 1600, 16GB DDR4, same GPU and SSD, want to know if will be enough and if in the meantime I will be able to learn on current machine. 

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