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What's the best way to simulate dynamics with just 2D shapes? Is it possible to use any of the existing solvers to simulate rigid bodies, but also flexible curve/polygonal shapes that respect line to line collisions ?

I've tried using the wire and the grain solver (with rest length on a network of lines that connect the points), but the collisions only happen on the point level, resulting in penetrations between shapes.

Is there anything else I should look into, or a working example I can take a look?


thanks a lot



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The easiest way might be to just make everything really thin 3D. Then you can work with all the standard tools. So if you have a grid, it becomes a box. If you have 2D planes with transparencies drop down a Trace and follow up that with a slight polyextrude.

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9 hours ago, yesyes said:

constraint Z axis so it does not move

Yes, I've done this before.  It's a good way to do it.  You can set it up with a position dop, sop solver or geometry wrangle depending on the object your simulating.

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