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fur to geo issue


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For efficiency sake you'll need to convert it to a combination of geometry with a shader. It will not look as thick in Unity unless you create your own custom procedural hair shader like Houdini, which while possible is probably on the higher end of shading skills. Relatively you need to render the splines as tapered tubes that face the camera. In lieu of this you can convert your guide hairs to partial tubes.

With either /obj/vr_subnet11/grid_object1_fur/fur or /obj/vr_subnet11/grid_object1_fur/guides_render you can skin or sweep those primitives. In Unity/Unreal unless you have a true hair procedural, you'll have to reduce the hair count significantly if you are skinning the strands. Then you can export these node via fbx. If you want to get moving hairs you can use the games shelf Vertex Animation Texture tool and set it to Fluid, otherwise if you just move the hairs as a whole you could get very similiar movement and cheaper cost and do rigid.

Hope that helps good luck!

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Try looking at the last chapter of this video:

Or if you want just to see if it works quickly, append a polywire to your fur curves and use that in Unity instead. (it will probably either not look great or be extremely high-poly if you do it this way, unless you go for a cartoony oldschool look I suppose)


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