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render EXR colorspace


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I used to check some colors of my works with mantra render view, then rendered.

But when I imported the render images into nuke, the color information was different on view.

So, I have to change colorspace to sRGB before compositing because it's similar to houdini render view.

Why does the image render on linear colorspace?

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thank you.

but I think it was not linear of the default color space when I imported render image into nuke. it was gamma 1.8 at default.

so, it was same look on mantra render view and nuke.

anyway, thanks for your explanation.

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If you mean the RenderView tab in Houdini, you can see what it does by simply showing the ColorCorrection bar. There you can see which gamma is used to display the image, applying the same gamma in Nuke should result in the same image. And if you did not change the output gamma value in your mantra render node, the rendered image is linear (gamma of 1.0).

BTW.: You should not change the gamma before compositing, but at the end and only set the view in Nuke to the appropriate settings. The result is a better quality in most cases.

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