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Multiple sessions while rendering

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Just wanted some confirmation on best practices while rendering on a single desktop machine.

Is it ok to be running and even rendering in a 2nd session(instance) of Houdini when you are already rendering on the same machine?

I have 2 recurring problems(redshift renderer)

1- simulations don't match if I stop and then restart a render the next day. This is after quitting and rebooting my machine

2- part way thru a render some geometry renders extremely dark for no apparent reason

I theorize that my 1st issue may be due to inadequate or no caching of my simulation and will do further tests. But the 2nd issue has me baffled.

Just wondering if its possible to utilize too much of either CPU or GPU resources and cause 'flaws' in your primary render to happen...

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Hello Jim, second thing may be the Gamma settings. As attached. Default output is 1.0, but usually you expect/want 2.2

As regards multiple renderings - if you have two or more GPUs, you may use the Deadline to distribute renders. In deadline, it is called Affinity. For one machine, it is free. If you have one GPU, I would not recommend multiple renders at once. Generally, I recommend RS forum, all my knowledge is from there and your questions are answered there too.


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