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Found 31 results

  1. Hello, I just installed Linux Kubuntu18.04 and so far, everything is going well in Houdini. However, all my 3D files are on a secondary internal hard drive and i can't see it inside Houdini. In Linux, i can see it normally in the "Devices" section. How can i make the second HD visible inside Houdini? Thanks.
  2. AMD GPU on Arch Linux

    Greetings, I'm an old time Houdini user, but never posted here before. I'm currently facing issues on getting Houdini working at home, where I updated an old HD 6950 to a RX 560. I used the closed source fglrx driver and the setup worked perfectly, but now, I'm at a loss on how to deal with the new amdgpu driver. The closed source amdgpu-pro seems impossible to work, it requires a special kernel, which I was able to build, a special version of mesa, which again I managed to build, and manual editing of the PKGBUILD, because it refers to a version of the driver that is no longer available. Even after all the steps, I still can't get OpenGL to work, glxinfo fails to find anything at all. On the other hand, Houdini doesn't seem to work with the open source driver, so I ask if anyone is able to use Houdini with an AMD board on Arch, and if you can provide any assistance. Thank you.
  3. Greetings everyone. Struggling with setting up network rendering with Houdini 16.5. I use "use existing IFD" option and, unfortunately, can not use 'render current HIP file', because my hqclients running headless (nonGUI). Submitted jobs are failing with Warning: prepareIFDRender() got an unexpected parameter 'enable_checkpoints'. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/HQShared/houdini_distros/hfs.linux-x86_64/houdini/scripts/hqueue/hq_prepare_ifd_render.py", line 27, in <module> hqlib.callFunctionWithHQParms(hqlib.prepareIFDRender) File "/home/HQShared/houdini_distros/hfs16.5.405-linux-x86_64/houdini/scripts/hqueue/hqlib.py", line 1482, in callFunctionWithHQParms function.__name__, parm_name)) TypeError: prepareIFDRender() takes the parameter 'cross_platform_ifd' (not given) in log. Could please somebody explain how to set 'cross_platform_ifd' correctly. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi! We're using Linux at work and when using floating windows they aren't "attached". I have my scene/context view on one monitor and the network view on my second monitor. When I use programs like Nuke with a similar setup they still act like the same program, so if I alt tab to nuke both windows show up. When I alt tab to Houdini I have to alt tab to both the network view floating window and the general Houdini window. This becomes very frustrating when having multiple Houdini instances open as it's very easy to lose track of which floating window is attached to which Houdini instance. Any tips on this? I suppose I could create a desktop which spans over two monitors but that makes the time line and a few other things a bit hard to use. Thanks in advance.
  5. Linux Mint pros cons

    Currently running Ubuntu Mate 16.04. Quite happy with it but keep coming across other Houdini users using Mint. There is a Mate flavor of Mint as well but my understanding is that in general, Ubuntu is more 'Mac like' and Mint more 'Windows like'. Other than that Mint apparently handles PPA's better than Ubuntu. Any other reasons why Mint might be a better option for Houdini users?
  6. Thought I'd post here as I don't seem to have much luck on the foundry's 'new' forums. Post a couple times this past year and not a single answer! Trying to simply install a demo version of PG Bokeh to Nuke 11 NC on a Linux (Ubuntu) system. Conflicting information. First tried simply copying to home directory,keeping original directory name and renaming to simply 'pgBokeh' /home/jim/Nuke11.0v2/plugins/pgBokeh Then in my node graph tabbed and enterer selected 'Update' then return No Bokeh or PG Bokeh is available! Further googling came across this page on the Foundry's website https://www.thefoundry.co.uk/products/nuke/developers/110/ndkdevguide/intro/pluginbuildinginstallation.html#intro-building which suggest I should have a directory as follows /usr/local/NUKE/x.x/plugins/ Sorry, there is NO directory labelled /NUKE/x.x/plugins/ in my setup. Can anyone help?
  7. HI! I'm on Xubuntu and can't find the file Houdini starts from. Don't get me wrong, I know how to run the application, I just want to find the specific file that starts Houdini. I thought it were somewhere in the /opt/hfs16.0.671/, but I cant find it. Does someone know?
  8. hi Just wanted some confirmation on best practices while rendering on a single desktop machine. Is it ok to be running and even rendering in a 2nd session(instance) of Houdini when you are already rendering on the same machine? I have 2 recurring problems(redshift renderer) 1- simulations don't match if I stop and then restart a render the next day. This is after quitting and rebooting my machine 2- part way thru a render some geometry renders extremely dark for no apparent reason I theorize that my 1st issue may be due to inadequate or no caching of my simulation and will do further tests. But the 2nd issue has me baffled. Just wondering if its possible to utilize too much of either CPU or GPU resources and cause 'flaws' in your primary render to happen...
  9. hey all, Ubuntu newbie here, I keep getting this error when i launch H16 with Ubuntu 16.04. (please see attached pic) Coincidentally when i try to render anything or do a flipbook (of even just a sphere) the screen fades to super dark, not all the way black for a few minutes then resumes the session with no render, or flipbook. I can play in the viewport just fine, and i can render with the IPR but the above does not work. Also I have no clue how to setup my save files on Ubuntu, i have a second HDD for houdini stuff specifically and I have no idea how to navigate to it for saves. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  10. Not sure if it effects other distros, but there is an annoying default behavior when you ALT-Left Mouse button click in Ubuntu. It moves the entire application Window. This is a common question but no universal solution it seems I've tried the most common solution, modifying the Mouse setting in dconf Editor, org>GNOME>desktop>wm>preferences but afaik IT DOES NOT WORK in Ubuntu mate 16.04. Anyone else have a solution that would work or I can at least try?
  11. Hi, I'm suffering from using CUDA acceleration when making Houdini custom node. Could you tell me how to use CUDA and HDK both? I'm using Houdini 15.0 and CentOS 7. I'll appreciate if you give some tips for it.
  12. Hi Not sure if my problem is Linux wide or just to my particular flavor. New ubuntu-mate install. I've lost all my scene mouse button controls. ie option or alt LEFT-MOUSE should tumble in Scene view, instead it pans my entire IDE window. option or alt RIGHT-MOUSE should zoom my scene, instead it resizes my entire IDE window. Is this a correction from within Houdini, or do I have to dig thru to find how mouse buttons are defined in my desktop?
  13. Moved to general
  14. Hi Can anyone tell me how to add an external drive as a favorite? This is any drive under /media/<username>/
  15. Hi Fresh Centos 7 install + MATE. In the process of configuring. I can see my external drives under Places >Devices and can browse them on the desktop. However, from with Houdini when I File >Open I can't see these devices. Is this a Houdini preference thing or some configuration with my desktop?
  16. Hi About to install Centos on a new 1TB SSD. First question, which version should I download and do I need to install the ISO on some type of boot media? https://www.centos.org/download/ Decided I will go with 3 partitions 1 root ext4 15GB 2 swap disk of 8GB (I have 64GB RAM) 3 home /home partition to fill remaining space For my Nvidia drivers am going to follow these convoluted steps http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/centos-7-nvidia.html Any Linux experts care to provide any feedback on the above? In particular, is there any shortcut for installing graphics drivers? BTW, I HAVE purchased the Linux course from cmivfx and am going thru it.
  17. Hi A few months ago I started learning Linux at school (CLI commands and some networking stuff) and I just realized that a lot of things in Houdini seems to be "Linux-based". Like the textport (wich I haven't found any usage yet): its exactly like linux command line interface, and you can type commands like cd, ls, pwd, etc...wich are actually linux commands... Also in houdini we have the concept of starting from root and going througt the various context... Whats going on? Is houdini really based on Linux? If you could explain this fact I would really appreciate it.
  18. Hi, I've recently installed CentOS 7 on my 2nd SSD, so that I now dual boot Win 10 and CentOS 7. However, is there any way of utilizing my Indie license currently registered on my Windows partition? This should be possible, but SESI won't provide any information on this, as "it is not designed in that way". So if there's any geniuses who knows how to tackle this, I'd be happy to know! Cheers!
  19. Is anyone using Houdini on Centos 7 with MATE? Most articles I have found talk about installing Centos 7 with no GUI (Minimal Installation) and installing MATE. I am afraid that there will be many missing libraries for Houdin or other software packages. Should i go for a GNOME Desktop installation (with Developer Tools, Compatibility Libraries) and switch to MATE later? Any valuable information will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
  20. Linux partitioning scheme

    Hello everyone, Building a new machine and I am about to install Centos 7. The system has 64gb ram and I am using one 512gb SSD just for OS and another big 2T western digital for data. Can anyone recommend a proper partitioning scheme (cache, root, home, swap) for good performance? Thank you.
  21. HQueue on Linux on NAS!

    Hey Peeps, I know this will sound weird but has anyone ever run HQueue on centos on a NAS, such as QNAP TS-253A-4G (see amazon link), it contains a celeron processor with 4GB ram. I note from the description of the NAS that it runs ubunto out of the box, but i have seen centos mentioned as being able to run within "container station" a QNAP app. My setups so far is two i7-4790's both running dual boot windows and centos, with a local houdini install. I would love for them to both become render nodes with HQserver running on the NAS. I know most people say just run HQserver on one of the nodes but I want the nodes to do just rendering without any overhead from the HQserver, also all of the rendered output will be stored on the NAS so it makes sense if it can also run the HQserver. I don't know the minium specs for the HQserver but if i upgraded the ram on the NAS to 8GB it might be enought to pull this off.... If anyone has any info on the minimum processor/ram for HQserver please let me know, or if anyone has a QNAP NAS that can run linux, please share your expereiences of linux on NAS.... ciao Albin HO
  22. Hello Does anyone else on linux distros (we use Centos 6.5) freeze when promoting parms when in VOP contexts ? It did it on H14 and it still does it on H15. No ram/cpu spike, just frozen. Sometimes when you can activate a UI element it will come back, but rarely.
  23. Hi, I got myself an old HP Proliant DL380 G7, with dual X5650s, 48GB Ram (Soon to be 96GB) and a bunch of SAS drives, which I am planning to use for rendering next to my WS. My question is, how would I most efficiently use it for rendering if I decide to install Linux on it, while running Windows on my WS? Currently I have all my projects and files on dropbox, but I am considering moving it all to a NAS in my network so that they can both run from that. How would you guys setup that kind of rendering? Does Hqueue support that right out of the box, or would something like Qube! be better? Cheers, Jonas
  24. Senior Systems Administrator, SPIN VFX JOB DESCRIPTION SPINVFX, Toronto is looking to fill a Linux / Unix Systems Administrator position to work in our dynamic digital visual effects studio. Our primary application platform is Fedora Linux, with a substantial proportion of Mac OS X and Windows 7 machines. The selected candidate will join the team of talented Systems Administrators supporting our VFX production team. See us at http://www.spinvfx.com/ RESPONSIBILITIES -Linux / Unix Systems Administrator (Hardware / Software) -Technical support and general trouble shooting for commercial and custom applications on all platforms -General system administration for account set up with Idap server and mail server -Storage administration (cleanup, rsyncs etc) -Tape backup administration -Infrastructure maintenance of all Linux servers -Firewall and switch configuration when needed -General I.T. support and maintenance duties JOB REQUIREMENTS -5+ years experience as a system administrator. Should have understanding of the Linux/windows/mac co-environment in a studio setting -Tape backup administration and maintenance (Netbackup a plus) -Expert knowledge with Linux installation and application deployment -Mac OS and Windows application deployment and integration is a plus -Storage administration (Bluearc, Isilon) -Knowledge of ripping video and general data wrangling -Some experience in monitor resolution, monitor calibration, projector and amplifier. -Experience working in an Animation / VFX production studio an asset -Knowledge of Tractor monitoring or render wrangling is an asset -Experience with Shotgun software an asset -Working at non-regular hours and overtime -Above all, the ideal applicant should be a team player with a positive attitude TO APPLY FOR THIS POSITION: Interested candidates should: Submit a cover letter and CV with references to: careers@spinvfx.com Include position applying for in subject of email Clearly include your name, address, telephone and email address Indicate country of citizenship and / or status on valid work permits. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted Preference is given to qualified Canadians citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada. No phone calls or drop-ins please
  25. HQueue Setup on Linux

    Here is a recording of how to get HQueue up and running on two computers; it can be really frustrating trying to setup HQueue, but I've found it's much simpler to setup on Linux (similar distros is helpful of course), where you only have to install one or two packages, and then let the Houdini installer do the rest. It's probably most helpful for artists/students who might have one or two computers they can use as workers to sim/render, but might be nice for anyone who gets stuck! I think a Windows/Mac version would be awesome, if anyone would care to create one; I haven't had any experience using HQ on anything but Linux so far! Good luck!