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UV loop

Hans Peter

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I need a bump map to repeat on each primitive of an object. Not I can use an uv flatten in a for each loop and apply a map onto each prim. That works with simpler scenes. But on my scene the loop has to make 600.000 passes + it tends to crash. Does anyone know a way to increase the speed of this process or a better, faster way?



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why don't you split that object or whatever it is into number of simple segments and run the loop on those? that should help with crashing... otherwise hard to suggest anything as I don't understand what exactly are you trying to achieve.

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what davpe said or you could try compiled blocks and see if it still crashes.. fastest way would be to use a primwrangle to create the UVs I guess. assuming each prim has 4 points you can run this in a primwrangle

setvertexattrib(0, "uv", @primnum, 0, {0,0,0});
setvertexattrib(0, "uv", @primnum, 1, {0,1,0}); 
setvertexattrib(0, "uv", @primnum, 2, {1,1,0}); 
setvertexattrib(0, "uv", @primnum, 3, {1,0,0});  

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