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Group particles from flipfluidobject

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Hi, i was trying to group particles from a flipfluidobject, but without luck.

My goal is to add to differnet gravities with 2 Popforces +  2 PopGroups.

The particles from the left half of my flipfluidobject should have a positive gravity and the right part should have a negative grafity.

Does anyone has an solution for this?




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This can be done by hooking up a Pop Force into the "Particle velocity" input of the FLIP Solver. 

Let's assume the left part of your fluid is on the  Z+ side and the right part is on the Z- side. Inside the Pop Force, you can check the box that under force that says "Use VEXpressions" and enter something like this: 

    force.y = -9.8;
} else {
    force.y = 9.8;

This will cause all the points on the right side to fall, while the left half rises up.

Hope this helps!

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