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UV Cables, Vines or Lightning Around Object

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I was working on a scene where I wanted lines to wrap around a geo shape but lie upon the surface. FindShortestPath is used. Here is a basic setup with UV mapping setup, thanks to Matt Estela, as well. Currently it is setup in lightning mode where the lines change per frame. This is accomplished by adding $F to the random seed of the scatter. To make the lines stand still simply remove that expression.



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Interesting , thanks for sharing.


Is there a way to for very complyx scene to generate a cloud mesh approximation of the all scene and use this as your surface?

Sorry, new to Houdini and mosly on the creative artistic side myself... :)



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Best way is to use VDB from Polys and use the surface SDF to find your surface location. the sdf will give you the distance to surface and you can use volume gradient to find the direction to surface. 

Works only on closed geo though... so get that poly cap working!

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