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Games vs Game Development Toolset


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Need some clarification

So installed the latest Game Development Toolset from the development branch but now when I launch Houdini I have 2 different shelves with similar Shelf Tools



2-Game Development Toolset

Some tools have the same name with different icons but vertex animation only exists under 'Games'

Which one should I be using?




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The Games Shelf is unlike other Houdini feature. These tools are just incorporation of standard nodes, that would generally be TD tools at every studio. Which for a lot of folks save us from recreating the same magic sauce at each studio we work at, standardizing some common task. Also these tools are not developed by the engineers that need to go through the normal protocols of creating/supporting a software. The Github Source will have the latest and greatest set of tools, but these are in development and not hardened tools enough where they would be incorporated into the package. You'll notice a lot of the ones actually in the Game shelf are not even hda, but subnets. Once a node/tool is incorporated into the package, SideFX needs to maintain support for it for a lot longer. Generally they are hesitant to include just any type of tool for this reason. Thus why a lot of antiquated nodes are still around for backwards compatibility. This type of development allows more active involvement and allows early adoption for consumer. If it's a great success then you may see it incorporated as full tool. Once it's fully supported by SideFX I imagine there is less reason for them to have it on the Github, consider it a form of graduation from R&D to fully supported. So which tools you use depends on your needs, whether you need the latest and greatest, or the hardened tool. 

Give props to the guys who support the Github, they do good.

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