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Eevee type OGL Viewport/ROP

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If you want to render in a game engine why not to use Unity or Unreal Engine directly?

After the recent problem in Maya when all the scene textures weren't able to fit into GPU memory at all and Blender Eevee demos on youtube showing just simple scenes I hope SESI target for this kind of viewport instead:





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On 9/17/2017 at 3:33 PM, Daryl Dunlap said:

What the Blender Foundation is doing with Eevee is very impressive.  I know Houdini has an OpenGL ROP with at least diffuse/reflection/displacement viewport support, but nothing for full screen Post Effects (bloom, blur, etc.)

Can anyone speak on whether SESI will invest in this area soon?


Imho Blender foundation focusing on unnecessary things,instead of really necessary:VDB,etc...
And Eevee perfect example of this shit.

You really want if Sidefx will be so stupid too?)

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