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Subdividing of skin mesh

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I'd like to export the paper mesh animated to Unity3D. I want to subdivide the mesh to make smoothly before it is exported to Unity.



Firstly, I added subdivide sop after Bone Deform, the looks was very good. But I couldn't export to Unity to keep skin mesh. 



Secondly, I added subdivide sop before Bone Deform. I could export the skin mesh but skin weight was broken.


Could you give me some advise?

I'm wondering if someone can help me.


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Try to do changes before Bone Deform. I don't know the underlying mechanism, but it worked for me with UE4 skinned mesh.

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Thank you guys, I've attached the hip file. Could you please check it.



I hope to make more complicated paper animation models in Unity, so I 'd like to do work of skin weight and bone animation to low poly mesh.

And after I did work I 'd like to subdivide the skin mesh smoothly for good looks, But I have not found the method before I export the skin mesh to Unity. 


This is a link of the reference video. I hope my models in Unity become closer to this looks a bit.



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