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Surface Curvature

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I have 3D scanned Model to work in Houdini. I use Meshlab for make smooth form and find Curvature. If I want do it only in Houdini I can use Smooth Sop but Curvature is problem because Measure Sop give very wrong result. If I use method from this post from Petz - http://forums.odforce.net/topic/26380-vdb-curvature-flow/?do=findComment&comment=152998 - it works good but only if surface is closed. It is not work right on open surface because it use VDB. Is there better way to find curvature direct for Surface as in Meshlab?


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depending on your mesh and accuracy there exist numerous different algorithms to compute discrete curvature, all with their pros and cons. i don't think there's a single one which works flawlessly in all situations and for all meshes.
anyways, here's a file i've posted a while ago on discord with different implementations. it might be a bit confusing without the conversation we had in the chat but you can just try which algorithm works best for you. (from left to right: classical taubin tensor using integral formula, tensor using euler formula, approximated shape operator, proper shape operator in surface space, polynomial fitting)




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