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Changing Attribute Types


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I'm experimenting with attributes and have a question.

How can I change vector to float attribute or extract a single color.

I try to paint creases on geometry and changed Cd[3] point to creasevalue[3] vertex attribute which doesn't work because it's vector type.

I think it can be done with some VEX sop but perhaps it easier?


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Haha, if only I read the help through...

Thanks a lot DaJuice, I've done it in a more complicated way before I read from you how easy it was:)

I painted a box, with a point sop I added an alpha attr (since it's float) and with a point expression mapped red channel to it.

Then I changed the name and type with attrib promote and finished with a full functional creaseweight attribute:) Like building a plant to power the watch.

Too often I'm trying to figure out things by myself than look up simple straightforward solutions in help.



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