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I need to switch between multiple inputs in SOP, I can use switch SOP node, but since I have many switch condition, I think it would way easier in vex (as opposed to having multiple switch nodes connected together). I could not find a vex function that switches between input, or am I missing something? 

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You could evaluate those conditions in a detail wrangle and then write an expression in the switch "Select input":


It references the result of the wrangle.



Compilable solution, using spare input:




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My very first post on ODForce.   :)
Thanks Polvy ...
I extended your selector for string based selection  (using multiple concatenated string menus) .   (note wont work with normal ordered menu as it seems the token evaluates to a number regardless). 

A nice aspect is it keeps my flow in readable form .. ( nb.  case and typo sensitive)
Could easily do this with some VEX in a wrangle but for some this might be helpful.  




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