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[SUGGESTION] Solved thread status - search by solved / unsolved

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Hi Odforce,


As others have asked, it would be useful to have a Solved / Unsolved state on a thread. This would then allow users to filter search results by them.

It would be nice to easily search through unsolved posts to attempt to help them, as they tend to get unanswered and hidden by newer threads. You could take this further by ranking unsolved posts by demand (whether its views, amount of times searched, category etc) and then have this as an option to tie into a rewards system to encourage solving them.



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The two ways of doing this right now are to either change the title of the thread and add a [SOLVED] to it, which is probably the best way. The other is to add a tag to the topic. Unfortunately there seems to be no way of doing it within the software itself. I'll keep looking for a plugin to help, but for now the manual option is the only way.


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