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Beginner's question: how to exclude object from render?


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Apologies for the really basic question. I'm doing a particle sim, and have introduced a model as a static solver to collide with the sim. How do I turn off the visibility of the object within the pop network so that it doesn't get rendered please? many thanks for your help in advance. 

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Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I can't hide the entire Particles object as I want the particles to render, however the pop network seems to be bringing in the collision geometry as well and making it visible, I don't know how to turn that off without turning off the particles. I've attached a scene for reference. many thanks!


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pop* will bring in any DOP objects that begin with pop. The default name for a particle system built from the POP SOP is popobject. So pop* will fetch that object along with any other simulation objects that begin with pop.


DOP Import SOP imports simulation objects. More specifically any geometry sub-data bound to that simulation object.

If you open up a Spreadsheet on any DOP, you will see a listing of all the simulation objects. Open up any Simulation object will show you the list of subdata of which Geometry is one. Geometry contains all the points, polygons, any geometry for that object.

The DOP Import SOP has two slots actually. One is for the name of the simulation object(s) to bring in. A second field, usually blank is used to import any subdata. Blank always defaults to Geometry. You could use this to bring in any named fields/volumes by name on that simulation object as well. Any sub-data on the simulation object that is of type geometry can be imported back in to SOPs.


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Oh wow. Thank you so much for that detailed explanation Jeff, I've bookmarked it and reading it through several times to try to understand.

Another noob question if you don't mind. Why is the particle system stored in the popobject? Looking at the way the nodes flow, I would have thought the particle system is stored only at the OUTPUT null, since all the data has to flow through the pop and static solver? Obviously though when I put in "output" into the DOP import I get an empty scene.  

Many thanks in advance. 





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On 11/13/2017 at 9:57 AM, roarke80 said:

Looking at the way the nodes flow,

DOPs doesn't 'flow' like you think as it's not SOPs. It runs a simulation on data. The data is stored in that object.

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