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addpoint, add attributes


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So I have some code in a wrangle, that ends with addpoint(). Everything is nice and dandy. But now I think I want some attributes to copy onto new points. There is addattrib() function but im not sure how to make 

i@branch = @ptnum;
if (addpoint(geoself(),pos)) {
    addattrib(geoself(), "point", "branch", 999


So this ofcourse does not do what I want. It just overwrites @branch to 999 for every each point that I managed to addpoit().

And what I want is: for every new addpoint() do addattrib().








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Can you tell if your Wrangle is set on « points » or « details » ?

When set to run on points, it apply whathever you have coded to each point, while in details mode, it runs once for the geometry. I don’t know what you want to do exactly, but it seems to me you should run it on « details » mode, and write your algorithm to iterate over all points through a loop, check if it’s a new point and set attribute only on those new points (using setpointattrib() maybe ?).

Hope this helps you

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14 hours ago, fencer said:

int np = addpoint(0, @P);
setpointattrib(0, "id", np, 123, "set");


Also if you use:

int np = addpoint(0, @ptnum);

the new point will inherit all attributes (including position) and groups from the source point.

Edit: also note that fencer's code will only work in Houdini 15 (or maybe 16) or later

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