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How would you cut holes in to the mesh?


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Here is what i have:
Idea is tho have rounded edges with sharper tips. 
Goal is to make base shake in houdini and later take it to zbrush. 
I did not want to take it instantly to zbrush as zbrush is not so accurate but modeling is. 
Later was thinking to extrude he surface so model has some thickness to it. And those sharp edges on botom (wave tips) they cant jave yust one vertex as it will cause problems later but needs to be sharper like a fat or blunt knife.

How would you model this?
Would you just add divisions on the model and then start bringing those verts down or would you use this method?


1 (1).JPG



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I was trying to create a Swarm host model: 

Take base mesh in to zbrush (as it gives me more accurate shape) and then sculpt it. 
I will later retopo it. 
I have started to use modeling in many cases to get base shape and then take it to zbrush for full modeling

Here is what i have created so far. 

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