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Select every second row/edge loop on a grid?


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say I have a simple grid and I want to transform every second row of edges/points in X. So I'd have a kind of sawtooth edge as shown in the image (I've just done it manually here). But I also want the flexibility to be able to increase the density/subdivision of the grid up the chain and not have this break.


Any idea what the easiest thing to do would be?





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here's one way of doing it...the advantage of this way is if you can't have access to the divisions as Konstantin suggested above...say you are using an obj imported from Whatever. This way you just use the Select slider to select how many in a row...then the field after that is always 'doubled'.

What if you want to start the selection from 2nd row ? Easy...just set Offset number to equal the Select number...

EDIT: might as well do Cols...if you want to select from 2nd col onwards...use (@ptnum+1)%2==0



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