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this are some shots I did with houdini the past months. I know its short and still not the quality I want to achieve but yea... Some of the shots e.g. the leather inflate is a not just a hobby shot rather a production shot I did most recently. Switching from 3ds Max to Houdini was the best decision I made.... :)  

kind regards




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We recently finished our first character clips in Houdini. Maybe you want to check them out.

Not so long ago I was the only Artist in our office switching to Houdini. When we got the chance to do some character work (whats really new for us) I was able to convince my bosses to use houdini entirely for this shots to see how it goes. So we started to do this clips in a team with three artists. Me and and two collegues of me which had no houdini experience at all.

Our animator Markus did all the animation in Houdini. 

I was responsible for rigging/shading of the characters. With the big help of my other collegue Kaloyan we did all the environments, lighting, shading, rendering,compositing etc. ( Although It was a little bit hard at the beginning I think I can say he is also a pretty convinced houdini user now :) ) 

I really enjoy projects with houdini so much that I actually use it for everything and whenever I can. Its so satisfying to just stay in one software knowing you have everything what you need :)

I hope you like it and of course thank you very much for all the generous help here in the forum. 




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