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Crowds with Marvelous Designer

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Hi guys 

I'm wondering if it's at all possible to use an animation cache from Marvelous Designer as part of a crowd agent. I've animated a character to run in place and brought him into marvellous designer so I can record some clothing animation; however, after I export it from MD and bring it into Houdini as an FBX file it loads in both meshes but only retrieves the running animation and not the clothing one. 

If somebody could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated. 



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Try exporting an OBJ sequence out of MD instead. .OBJ was the only file format that seemed to work when I used Marvelous Designer. An OBJ with a companion .MDD file to transfer the animation. Be wary of FPS differences as well. I found that the step value for the animated cloth solver inside of MD was defaulted to 30fps. But more often than not, you may be working in 24fps.

Once you have your mesh cache working you should be able to merge it into existing agent before you bake. Then the baked result will just be the combined meshes, the skin and the clothes.

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