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Slow down a Particle Sim for certain frames and then resume in normal speed.


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Hello Pals,

Hope you all are having a great year so far.

I am trying to do a shot with particles which needs slow motion on a certain camera moment. 

Basically, I just want to slow down the motion of my particles for few frames. I dont want to mess with the velocity etc as I really like the motion of my sim. 

I looked into time-shift, time-warp etc. But they always feel like a cheat and not much of a high quality solution.

There is a "Scale Time" option on the POP net. But for some odd reason its locked and we cant key-frame it at all. That would have been the best solution, where we can just lower the timescale for bunch of frames and then resume it in normal speed.

Can anyone just give me a brief why Sidefx would want to make this such a big deal and lock it on POP nets?

Thank-you and have a great day! 





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4 minutes ago, Harsh said:

Hi Marty. For some reason its locked for me. I tried H15 too. Same thing. I can change the Scale Time parameter value but I cant key frame it at all. Its locked. Is there a step I am missing? 

Take a look at this hip file, inside the popnet - popsolver - you can see the animation ive applied to the timescale and it works as marty said :)


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