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Q for the polyextrude

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I got a problem with the polyextrude node.

There are  two piece of grid like this



and  I don`t  know how to extrude this two piece of primitives in different Distance by only use one polyextrude node like this 




Because,  I  have lots of  primitives  in my job  and each one of then have different "Distance" to extrude ,


Here`s my work file:diff_extrude_test_v001.hip

In my file I try other way to fix it like:curve node → carve (do animation)→ transfer color attritube to my primitives to polyextrude by Attritube VOP node,and try to get distance between the centriod of primitives to the location



but i don`t know how to deal with the distance data in VOP  to control the polyextrude node ???

So, any kind of method not only use polyextrude but also other nodes can solve my problem.

Thanks for anyones help !!!

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