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White water Foam Stick in air


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Hello, everyone 

- I'm making a flip simulation , created manually than i tried to add white water from the shelf tool and i had a problem with that, 

  So i created a white water from shelf in another project, see how it works , and recreated it in my project 

  and THE PROBLEM IS foam sticking in air . i've attached projectfile 



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I took a quick look, and tried to work out why and couldn't really find an answer . I would simply recommend deleting what you have and using the shelf tool and then go from their :) (Maybe your missing something very small from the shelf tool setup - but essentially a white-water sim is just a glorified more complex pop sim)  

- one thing I did notice however, you were sourcing your whitewater particles directly from the cached flip sim, rather than the whitewater source which calculates which particles to keep and emit from, perhaps this is where your downfall is?


- I'm sure someone else may have an insight to what is broken in your scene however

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Looks like you weren't exporting the velocity field from your sim. I generally use the Dop I/O node instead of the Dop Import node, because Dop I/O has import presets such as FLIP Fluid, smoke, pyro etc. These presets automatically bring in all the data that was used in the type of sim that was created.

So with your vel field being exported correctly, and added into the whitewater source, your whitewater seems to flow correctly now! I've added a switch node to show how I would use either the Dop Import, or Dop I/O nodes; and you can probably see why I prefer Dop I/O.


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