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Loop Particles for Geo Instances

leo grabau

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Hi everyone

Wonder in knowing, I am trying to get a kind of loop particles systems, means that when they collide with an object, will recover back their original position and re-simulate creating a loop. Main constraint here is that ptnum must to be constant, cannot die.

After this it would allow to set different conditions as reboot when leaves frustrum or after a certain initial age, etc.

My only issue is that I arrive at update (in the wrong way for being honest) the velocities to re-do the sim cycle, just that goes in the worng direction, exist a way to make them restart with their initial velocities, attached a HIP file of example. Thanks 



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2 hours ago, LaidlawFX said:

Just use the loop Make Loop from the game development tool shelf, it's just a fancy blend shape anyways. It will do your tick with less hassle, than solving it in DOPs.

Issue is that using POPs the Loop Tool Has issues blend properly the Position also because need to be driven by custom fields to get turbulent wind and make them repositioned from starting position :)

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