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Use a Pyro Sim to affect another Pyro Sim


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I have two different pyro sims which I want to affect each other. Is it possible to use a source volume to import one of my sims so that it can affect another pyro sim? I tried doing this, but I could not get it working. One of my sims is cached, so preferably I would want to import that cached sim into my next sim to influence it.



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Hey evan, just threw together a quick setup - where I import the vel using a source volume from pyro sim v1 - into pyro sim v2 and if you play the sim youll see the velocity moving v2 into v1's path - simple and basic way I'm sure theirs perhaps more controllable/correct methods but this seems to work :)




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39 minutes ago, ejr32123 said:

I was able to do that too. The problem is velocity is going way too fast. The affected simulation seems to be affected faster than the other sim is actually going, see what I mean? Seems like its being affected by the other sim x 3.

Yeah I know exactly what you mean, I think that's to do with the velocity perhaps needing some more math to calculate it or something along those line to make it more accurate I usually just compensate by scaling the velocity until I'm content

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