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Do FEM solids bounce ?


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A simple setup with a sphere as FEM solid with its parameters set to rubber has a weird behavior. After touching the ground, the kinetic energy somehow dissipates but it doesn't translate in a deformation of the soild, so I'm wondering where the energy went. I'm assuming it's just not modeled by this tool, so it's not the right tool to do a bouncing ball effect. Is this what the hint on the shelf tool means by not very elastic ?

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11 hours ago, ParticleSkull said:

Hey Antoine, try changing the  Integrator Type  to ABE2  in the Finite Element Solver

not sure if it works on all situations but once it worked perfectly for me 


ok I have this more or less working.. The kinetic  energy just seems to disappear too fast, and now the object sometimes explodes after a few frames.. I know that computational geometry is full of nasty edge cases , and that https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~quake/robust.html IEEE 754 is  not associative, hence .. problems sometimes.

Is there a way to systematically correct those problems when they appear ?

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