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Redshift Volume Emission Problems

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Hello fellow scientists,

I am currently working on a shot where I want to render out an indoor-explosion over about 50 frames. Now since I can't get my mantra render-times below 20 minutes (in FHD) I had hoped to render the volume in redshift more quickly because I have had good experiences with rendering just density in RS.

The problem comes up as soon as I start to use emission with redshift. I start to get very weird boxes of emission around the edges of my volume (it seems to be like 16 cubed boxes of voxels reminding me of compression.) - screen attached. Screenshot_50 has about the look I want to achieve, but with this weird halo. When I amp up the emission, the boxes become apparent.
Not sure if I tried switching to VDB to render, but I'm not hopeful that would change much.
Has anyone come across this issue before?

Attached is also my hipfile with the way I set up my render and one cached frame so you don't have to sim again.
(Including my approach to an indoor-explosion for anyone who might learn something from that - please do!)

I would really appreciate any thoughts on this. (And if my decision to move away from mantra in this case is actually remotely sensible - I'm really unsure.)





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When you see blockyness you need to re-think your Scatter to Absorption ratio. Your particular scene has a lot of density so you need to really drop it back. Also you can crop in the outer edge of density by moving the LEFT slider in the Emission gradient. I have notched the black color position over a bit.



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Hello Atom,

thank you so very much, I got it working now. Apparently all the tweaking in the world is useless if you ignore the fact that there are two more parameters with slightly weird names!

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