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Volumes change density/quality in render


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I am rendering some volumes with a provided camera and randomly, in the start/middle/end of my render, my volumes change quality for a couple of frames. This is a gradual change, as if the density changed. They fade back in after, the same way they faded out and go back to normal. When I render the same frame with a different camera, they seem to be fine, so I wondered if this is a bug with my camera possibly? It is made up of two cameras switching at a certain frame. The blurring happens right in the start, right before the cut and right in the end. The camera was given to me and has movement on it so I can't just chuck it and make a new one :o 

Any ideas what could cause this?

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There are lots of variables here, so it's hard to speculate. Here's a few things to check. Alpha Consistency from different angles. Near / Far clipping plane on camera. Density consistency in the geo of the file you are using. Check in shader for unusual manipulation of the fields imported.

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