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[SOLVED]Dancing Point Group Prevents Rivet?


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I have selected 4 points and created a point group on my animated mesh. I want to reference this point group from a Rivet one level up.

How can I "lock" down my points so they don't jump all around when the animation commences?

Yes it does look like the VDB convert is changing the point count over time. Is there anyway to prevent this point count change?


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You can use a timeshift set to the frame you set the group on and then use a point deform against the deforming mesh to get your point consistency back.

How have you prepared the mesh? It would be better to go back and fix the swimming there.

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The original animated mesh has 154 points on all frames, very low poly and triangles only. I need more points inside the triangles to gain a better attachment for a strap. So I convert to VDB and then back to polygons. This conversion process is what introduces the variable point count.

So I really only have two outputs, the animated mesh and the freeze frame mesh. The point deform requires 3 inputs so I am not sure3 it will work in this case.


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