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(SOLVED) Mirror in vops?


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Hey guys, it is possible to mirror noise within vops? Im trying to create some sort of fractal noise, for example on a grid of 4, having the same noise on each grid but flipped / mirrored. 


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@f1480187 I was expecting your answer :D (not that fast tho), thats exactly what I had in mind, thanks a lot for the file.

Can you briefly explain the process on vops? I kinda understand it by reading the wrangle but still a little confused

Also, is it possible to make this in other shapes like spheres? I tried and works on front/back but deforms on top/bottom, just curious about this, I'll use the cam on front anyways

Thanks again!


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A useful way to think of it is that if you have a function(noise) and you put the same input into that function, then you will get the output.

So if you manipulate the position to repeat the same input, you will get the same result. In f1480187 example,  a point's position (-1,-1,0) gets remapped to (1,1,0)... so it will produces the same noise result as the point that has the original pos (1,1,0).

Effectively a mirroring. 

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You can also create a triangle wave using modulus to determine the tiling frequency on the mirrored noise. Just had a quick go with a wrangle ...

float repeat_frequ = 2;
vector mirror_pos = abs(abs(@P)%(repeat_frequ*2) - repeat_frequ);
mirror_pos[1] += chf("offset");
@P.y += snoise(mirror_pos, chi("turb"), chf("rough"), chf("atten"));


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