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Exporting Simulation


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hi all,

say i have a simulation of a bunch of hair like things going on but as things get heavier, playback is becoming an issue..

as i see it, there are two options:

1. export geometry sequence, load back in.. fast and easy..

2. export all point positions as channels per point and put into a bclip.. bring that back in and export the channels back to the point positions and hope they match back up..

it's the second option that has me raising my eyebrows. i was thinking i could dump each points position into a custom sop with a crap load of empty parms using point() for every xyz of every point out there.. but sheesh, there's got to be a better way i'm hoping.. something more automatic.

either way, there is always the geo export, but i was just curious as to how to go about option 2 and if it would even be worth it. would loading an animation clip and exporting the channels to point positions just ultimately be slow anyways? is there any merit in going the route of option 2?

thanks all,


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wow.. that's sad.. i can't believe i didn't even think of the geometry chop..

worked like a charm.. thanks edward.. :)

and to answer my own question as far as speed goes, both have advantages and drawbacks. for a test of 10,000 hairs on a grid with 4 points per hair:

-Geo export took about a fifth of time to export than channel data.

-Geo export took no time at all to load in while channel data did take some time.

-Channel data took about a quarter of the space on my hard drive.

-Both could not be played back in real time, but geometry seemed to be faster than channel data.

So it's a choice of do you want it take up less of your time or take up less of your hard drive space..(for production companies, i would think less time, for individuals i suppose it would depend..)

on another note: is there some special way to get a sequence of geometry to load in to gplay? i'm thinking it's not supported but there is that timeline there (which i know can be used for going through multiple geo's that have been opened, but still..)

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for dir listing of test.0001.bgeo, test.0002.bgeo, ..., test.0300.bgeo, none of these worked:

gplay *.bgeo

gplay test.*.bgeo

gplay test.$F4.bgeo

it returns a 'cannot find file(s)' error.. only individual bgeo's could be loaded. (i.e. gplay test.0001.bgeo).. same thing with trying to open from within gplay itself..

this is on windows and an H7 install..

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