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pre-fractured object pinning to a shaky ground

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hi everyone, how can we constraint a pre fractured object to an animated ground plane that moves left and right ? what i have done so far was to scatter points in both objects and used connectadjacentpieces for constraints .. but i gives a weird behavior and the points that are on the ground and are involved in constraint begin to fly off it when ground moves ..! what am i doing wrong in here ? thanks for the help .. i attached the file .. 


building eathquake.hip

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well it doesn't help if you don't give us the building...

Anyway, built me own....so if you want the building foundation to be fixed to the ground....I thought why bother making it harder for yourself by 'trying' to glue the foundation to the ground.....why not MAKE the building foundation PART of the ground ? Bang, the foundation is now a permanent fixture of the ground, no more relying on fiddling around endlessly with glue...

That's my common sense fix with zero experience in glue/rbd.

building eathquake_fixed.hipnc

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