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Hello, This is my first post here and I am a one month houdini noob and was looking for some help on how to achieve a certain effect. 

I have a box, made of glass, that I need to procedurally shatter and then have it reform back together again. The trick with this is that when the box comes back together again I do not want to see any of the fracturing that was done but I want it to be whole again. Since the box is made out of a glass material when it reforms it looks all fractured up from all the cutting of the voroni fracture node. 

Is there a way to weld the geo back together again once it reforms so it looks like a glass box without cracks?



Cheers, Christian

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yes, just use a switch to switch back to orig geo...or fractured geo at whatever frame...let me dig up a previous post for you..

here, at the bottom there's a use of switch and the frame it kicks in...

(in your case, you would swap the order of the connections so that the fractured geo would be 1st and the orig geo would be 2nd...quick way is to select the switch node and Shift+R, you'll see the 2 connections swap around)


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