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Agents get stuck in place after trigger


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I am doing a crowd sim and after triggering my agents to stand (from walking) and back, they swap perfectly fine but get stuck in place. I set the speed for the standing state to 0 but assumed it would change back once in the walking state again? I bet I am just missing something but it got me stuck and I would appreciate some help. 

Thank you in advance :)

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On 08/01/2018 at 4:02 AM, Atom said:

Is the walk built into the agent or is it being driven by a wander or seek?

Can you post a simple file showing the problem?

Thank you so much for your reply :) I fixed this by setting the velocity to a really small number instead of 0 for when they stop. The walk was driven by a seek node. I could still make a scene file if you believe that the problem has a different cause and my way is not the ideal solution? 

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Your seek should be under the walk state, before the merge. This way the seek only happens when the state is active. You can also place a wrangle under the static state (before the merge) to set the velocity to zero, as you discovered. You can stack multiple nodes under each state, before the merge to isolate those actions only for that state. Any actions you place after merge of states will affect all states.

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