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Storing points in an array over time in wrangle


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hi everybody,

it's my first question here and i'm all out of noobish solutions. I'm trying to recreate this (see attached) using vex only, as an excercise.

Now i managed to create the circles, and i want to select random points from where i can influence the radius of the neighbours. In order to do so I created an array of all the points, created an attribute that stores the ptnum of a random one and refreshes every 30 frames. The problem is now i want to store these values in a new array over time, but the append function only refreshes the current number.

Is there a way to append a new value to an array every "x" frames?

Hope I explained my situation clearly enough, and thanks to anyone who wastes a little bit of his/her time answering :)


Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 11.01.12.png


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I've put a couple of examples of how to do this in the attached file. First way is using a solver SOP - that way is literally appending values to an array every n frames. The other method isn't technically appending values, it's just generating an array that gets longer every n frames. The advantage of doing it like that is that you can scrub the time line without having to cook the whole frame range.


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