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Rain particles going through the ground


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Houdini beginner here, I am trying to make a basic rain sim of rain interacting with an object and splashing on the ground making puddles. I am having a problem with the particles splashing on the ground, they are acknowledging that the ground is there but 50% of the particles splash against it but the rest go through it and splash just under it, i have tried using different things for the ground like a groundplane and geo but i keep getting the same problem.

Any suggestions or help would be amazing!

I Have attached the scene file if anyone would be amazing enough to have a quick look? Thank you in advance!







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1 hour ago, sandford said:

I made a simple setup like this a few months ago as newbie practice, I'll try and remember to upload it later.

Also, if you replace your grid with the Ground Plane from the collision shelf, it works fine.

That worked! Thank you very much! I was plugging in the groundplane in the wrong place before, just me being tired i think!


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