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Changing glue strength during sim


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Hi, still very new to houdini and i ran acrossa problem that I can't seem to solve.
I've been trying to adjust the glue strength on a certain frame. Let's say we start with a strength of 1000 and on frame 50 it jumps to a glue strength of 500.

So far what i've got (from seeing what other people do) is that I change the f@strength in a sop solver on frame 50,
but I obviously don't understand what f@strength is because it doesn,t make sense to me. If i set it to 0, all glue is turned off, but setting it to 500 will make it unbreakable..
So i guess  f@strength is not equal to glue strength.. So any help is very appreciated!!

I included my test file:


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odd thing I found with your file was...instead of making sop strength = 0, I fooled around and made it 0.0001

Then after the thing breaks, let it go for awhile, the big box starts rotating....hmmm....

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