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using array to store point position


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Hi guys,

I'm a little confused about how to store many points position in an array..

// initialise some mouvement
float va = ch('val');
@P = @P*(cos(@Time*f@va*@ptnum/@numpt));

// stick point to position to help understand
@P.x =1;

int nbTotal= @numpt;
vector mypoint = @ptnum;
vector pos[] ;

for (int i = 0; i<nbTotal-1; i++) {
// attribute position to an array
pos[i] = @P;
//float dist = distance(pos[i+1], pos[i]);


Thank you for helping.


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You alredy doing this. Check "pos" in spreadsheet with assign attribute like "v[]@temp = pos;" after loop
You also can fill array with "push(pos, @P);"
Also check loop limit, i<nbTotal-1 should be i<nbTotal

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Hi Fencer,

thank you for your time!! i corrected for the nbTotal, but something is confusing me about this way.. My "printf" give me this 4 times... I mean every loop give me all points, I thaught each different point is given once at each loop, no?.. "fin" is helping me to know where is then end of each loop


What I would like is :

pos[1] = first point

pos[2] = second point

pos[3] =third point...

and not :

pos[1] = (first point, second point,third point,..)

pos[2] = (first point, second point,third point,..)

pos[3] = (first point, second point,third point,..)


Thank you.


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This is currect. Wrangle is working in "run over" - "points mode" mode. You have feedback with every point.
If you wish run wrangle once use Detail (only once) mode. But in this case you don't have direct access to point like @P (use point(0, "P", num) instead).
Search more about how wrangle is working.

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