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Deep compositing workflow?

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So I know all about deep compositing in theory but in actual implementation I can find almost no info on this topic - What is the current workflow within houdini to output deep compositing images to comp in Nuke?  I don't need to do anything super fancy or crazy, I just need deep data to output a super accurate depth pass to do highly photoreal depth of field in comp with pgBokeh, as I need all the lense artifacting and chromatic abberation that you can't get out of in camera DOF in mantra

It involves super fine semi-transparent strands and hair and stuff like that, so any caveats I should be aware of?  Does houdini's current implementation of EXR support deep data or do I need to use a .RAT file or something?  

Also I really just need it for depth of field so is it possible to render just a separate deep data utility pass with just the depth info and not a million other AOV's embedded in it to save on disk space, or does the beauty have to be rendered with deep data in order to work correclty? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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