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Trouble getting a compressed surface mesh from 'Particle Fluid Surface'


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Hey everybody,


I'm following some lessons about the reworked ocean tools in Houdini 16, and made a typical FLIP sim of a boat on ocean.

But when I plug my compressed flip cache into the Particle Fluid Surface node and select "compressed fluid surface", I don't get any surface mesh at all - just the particles from the cache.

Has this happened to anybody else or does anybody know how to get it work.


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The typical workflow for fluid is to write out the compressed cache to disk. After that is done you can scrub it from a file much quicker. The next step is to do the same thing with the polygon surface. Write it to a cache then read it from the disk for better performance. This is the only way to avoid simulating everyframe when all you want to do is scrub to the next frame.

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I'm feeling a little misunderstood.

I've built a flip sim and have already written the compressed cache to disk. Plugging that cache into the fluid surface node allows me to view it as particles, surface polygons, or compressed fluid surface (among other options).

Selecting Particles in Convert To displays the particles correctly as they appeared in DOPs

Selecting Surface Polygons gives me a mesh of the fluid surface after a significant cook time

Selecting Compressed Fluid Surface is supposed to give me a rougher and faster mesh as seen below5a87343b99ed2_correctcompressedfluidsurface.thumb.PNG.5ec8981c1ba9eb6add63088a6c9299d1.PNG


The problem I am having is that instead of this rough approximation of the final surface, only particles are displayed.5a8735e01c94e_incorrectcompressedfluidsurface.thumb.PNG.3a4fd40e4a2ee3bc25fd51809c16b6bb.PNG

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