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3d dash - orient to curve tangent when using Trail SOP

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Not sure if I should post this in Coding as the solution would be in VEX

Have a simple physics simulation with a box Primitive, Solver and  and Trail SOPs to create a 3d 'dashed line'.

The problem is my 'dashes' aren't oriented so that they are tangential to the curve.


Here is my initial VEX set up

@v = {5,5,0};
v@gravity = {0,-0.1,0};



My .hip is also attached.


Any VEX wizards able to help?

Am familiar with Parallel Transport to compute normals on curved lines


but was hoping there was a simpler solution that allowed use of the Trail SOP.







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I ended up using a Carve SOP with a copytopoints operation but I think this is a more elegant solution.

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