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gConvert example

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Not having any luck getting gConvert in the Houdini terminal to convert a .bgeo to an .obj

I think my interpretation of the documentation is incorrect.  Can anyone provide an actual example?

for instance

I've tried

$ gconvert -l 10 input.bgeo output.obj


gconvert [-l lod] infile outfile 

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This did the conversion, when I used the toy horse.

D:\>gconvert test.bgeo test.obj

and this worked too but not change with playing with the lods.

D:\>gconvert -l 1 test.bgeo test.obj

However I'm not sure what the level of detail does fully... I'm guessing it probably has to do with the non-polygon to polygon conversion. I tested it on a nurbs sphere, where I RMB and saved it to disk, and then ran the command at -l 0 and -l 2 and it changed the file size on disk.

USAGE: gconvert [-t outformat] [-l lod] infile outfile
  -l lod    Level of detail for conversion
  -t fmt    Output format type
This program converts geometry files from one format to another
If a level of detail is specified, all geometry will be
converted to polygons at the detail specified


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