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Selecting or Grouping by object id

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What is the best way to approach, if this time I had wanted to selected some of the objectIDs and to rotate or transform them after blasting?

I am able to select via objectID into a blast node for deletions and currently would want to attempt the reverse. Pardon me if this sounds like a noob question...

Many thanks in advance!

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32 minutes ago, Sepu said:

Not sure if I get you but on the blast node you can check "delete non selected" or you could use the splt sop as well, if this is what you are looking for

Cool, yes I was using the blast node that you have mentioned.

And I just tried out the split node too, which works the same. Perhaps I was not phrasing myself correctly. Say I have select a few ids that are scattered over a round surface and I am planning to rotate them together to conform to the curvature.

While using either of the above method, it sort of 'group' them, but when it comes to rotating, I am rotating them piece by piece. 

I know how to implement this in Maya, but that involves changing the pivot point etc. Is there a better way in Houdini?

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