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Afternoon all,

I've come across this a problem a few times and never managed to get my head around it properly. Hopefully someone can give me a better understanding of how to do this.

Ideally I'd like to have a collection/package of otls, scripts/modules, icons etc that equate to a toolset. I would like to be able to keep these separated from the houdini install and user prefs and just be able to 'plug them in' to houdini - ideally only changing a line or two in the houdini.env file.


If I put all the bits and bobs in the correct locations in 'C:/users/garf/MyDocuments/houdini16.0' then it all works fine - it picks up the modules, connects the icons etc





However I want these to be in a separate package somewhere like this:




in addition


I've tried changing my HOUDINI_USER_PREF_DIR variable with the houdini.env file


but when I hconfig HOUDINI_USER_PREF_DIR in the shell, it still says 'C:/Users/garf/Documents/houdini16.0/' and nothing links up


Any pointers appreciated.


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I don't think you want to change your PREFs folder. That one is a important one


What I think you want is what the Game Development Tools or QLib does and append your library paths to the default ones. If you read the documentation it'll say most tools search the HOUDINI_PATH in order to grab the relevant stuff. So, in theory, if you define the HOUDINI_PATH in your houdini.env as something like


HOUDINI_PATH = " C:/users/garf/Documents/MyExtraToolSet;&" 


It should work, as long as you have an HDA, a script etc folders inside that path

Personally I prefer to define the paths specifically, so it would be something like

HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH = "C:/users/garf/Documents/MyExtraToolSet/hda;&"

HOUDINI_SCRIPT_PATH = "C:/users/garf/Documents/MyExtraToolSet/scripts;&"





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Hi Vitor,


HOUDINI_PATH = " C:/users/garf/Documents/MyExtraToolSet;&"

This works - thanks.

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