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Sine waves color

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not sure if I'm on the right track...is this what you want ?

vector pos = @P * chv("Position");
vector center = chv("Center");
float d = distance(vector(pos), center);
d *= ch('Scale');
@Cd = fit(sin(d - @Time*4), -1, 1, 0, 1);

    @Cd = set(1,1,1);
    @Cd = set(0,0,0);

(it's crisper if you change your wrangle to run over prims)


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Thanks for your reply Noobini. I also tried the if statement but as you can see the float fade color is lost when the if statement is applied. I keep getting a warning sign in Houdini stating that i should cast the line where the if sits. I tried casting it but i still couldn't get a smooth color as the original black and white rings, if that makes sense.


SideFX, would be very nice if you guys implement in H17 a better debugging system other than very basic error messages. People want to learn VEX and Houdini is awesome!

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i get NO warning. Are you sure you're using @Cd.r ? because that is a float....so it's correct to compare a float with 0.5.

If you use @Cd, that's a vector...so it's telling you to cast it properly (if you were comparing to a float)

(odd that if I use @Cd, I get the warning...correctly...but then if I scrub...the warning goes away, incorrectly !! Dunno...)

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Oh man! The master himself! Matt, thank you so much for the amazing material that you posted a few weeks ago in your website. Learning a lot with it! Some challenging exercises but i suppose that programming is supposed to make people think smart before implementing it. We should have a section in the odforce forum dedicated to the Joy of Vex. I bet that a lot of people have questions about the exercises.


Thanks for your help on my question. "Lerp" is a good friend. Cheers.


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